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INSPIRED: Ms. Tamara Springer

Our first highlight of the "INSPIRED: Black History Month Series" is Ms. Tamara Springer. Tamara is an alumna of Tuskegee University with a Bachelor of Science in Food & Nutritional Sciences and a Bachelor of Science in Biology. She is currently a graduate student at Georgetown University, pursuing a Master of Science in Epidemiology. She finds inspiration in her Grandmother Millicent “May” Lacey. We caught up with Tamara in an interview.


 Why did you choose your grandmother Millicent “May” Lacey? What is significant about her character?

 “I've always remembered my Grandma May as a quiet old Caribbean woman. I recalled her waking up at 4 am and drinking her cup of tea while looking out the window and listening to hymns. Only after her passing in 2018 did my aunts and uncles start telling stories of their spirited mother. A sharecropper who picked peanuts at a plantation in Barbados, she always maintained a fighting spirit. Family members recounted the difficult upbringing that caused her to drop out of school with only an elementary education. Yet, she raised 10 children who went on to become professionals across 3 countries. My grandmother loved her island Barbados and had no intention of leaving until the birth of her grandchildren.  In her mid-60s, she rode a plane for the first time and moved to America to care for her grand-kids.”


 What does Black History Month mean to you?

“Black history month to me is a celebration of the African-diaspora. A time to educate myself about black revolutionaries from Marcus Garvey to Stokley Carmichael. Any black person who has thrived in the face diversity should be honored regardless of their country of origin, age, or gender.”


 How do you plan to inspire the next generation?

 “I plan to inspire the next generation by building on the legacy started by my grandmother. If a single mother of 10 could raise nurses, software technicians, and educators, how much more should I be able to accomplish? I will teach the next generation that their options are endless with an education and a resilient spirit.”


Photos submitted by Tamara Springer