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INSPIRED: Mr. James Davis


James Davis is an alumnus of Tuskegee University and currently a mechanical engineer working for the department of energy. Mr. Davis also owns an engineering, design and fabrication company named Lab Hand Solutions in addition to serving as the Vice President of Samoht & Co, a financial consultancy firm. James is inspired by his grandfather James Kelly Davis.

James Kelly Davis served in the United States Army. After his service, James Kelly Davis moved from Birmingham, Alabama to Washington DC in pursuit of becoming an U.S. Marshall and to raise a family of his own during the height of Jim Crow in the 1960's. During his time as an U.S. Marshall, he held the record in capturing the most criminals from the 10 America’s Most Wanted Criminals list. James’s grandfather passed before he had the chance to meet him, but he is inspired by the “amount of courage and determination” his grandfather possessed. James was so amazed by how his grandfather thrived in an environment that was not meant for him to succeed. Davis states “Whenever I get discouraged in my career or entrepreneurial goals, I like to think about the obstacles my ancestors would have had to endure, and I then realize my problems are minuscule.”  

 We asked James a couple of questions regarding black history month:

What does Black History Month mean to you?

“To me black history month is an opportunity to embrace our African American heritage, an opportunity to learn about ourselves and a reminder to instill confidence in the next generation. There have been many greats before us that have paved the way, we must understand what they did and continue their legacy in our own unique way.”


 How do you plan to inspire the next generation?

“I plan to inspire the next generation by setting a good example and by educating at risk youth. Through my business Lab Hand Solutions, we strive to help black entrepreneurs create and protect their inventions. Protection is important, as many of our ancestor’s inventions were stolen in the past. Currently, I help teach financial literacy with Samoht & Co. These endeavors work towards my end goal which is to create multi-generational wealth in black communities.”


Photos submitted by James Davis.