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INSPIRED: Dreams from our DNA Black History Month Series

INSPIRED. A Black History Month Series 


Ike Berry, LLC is an apparel and accessories company that provides intrinsic, southern and classic style. The name was inspired by my great-grandfathers Isaac Lewis Williams and Berry Law respectfully. We always praise past athletes, government officials, civil rights leaders and famous innovators but forget about those that are truly close to us. When preparing to name the company I wanted it to be something meaningful but also inspiring to others and highlight the aspects of African Americans that are not always advertised.

I was sitting and thinking about how slavery was not that long ago. My great-grand fathers were children of slaves. One was a great farmer and leader in agriculture, and one was an educator. From homes located in rural Alabama with no indoor plumbing to providing a seed that gave birth to a crop of doctors, educators, professionals and leaders it amazed me how with time we have come so far. If you are living today and working towards your dreams it is something to be thankful for. I never met my great-grandfathers but growing up I would listen to my parents talk about them and their wisdom. It was then I realized it is not always about your personal accomplishments but the way you make people feel while you are here and to ensure your presence is always felt once you are gone. This series will highlight every-day young people of this generation on how their elders inspire them to keep making their own history and impact!

-Jalen J. Law

Founder & Owner of Ike Berry, LLC